Welcome, my name is Deonne

I am a Psychosexual Therapist (also known as a Sex and Relationship Therapist) based in Pembrokeshire and a Registered General Nurse with a specialist nursing BSc in sexual health.

I offer you a unique therapeutic space in which we can discuss the difficulties that you may be having in your sex or relationship life. It is completely normal to have difficulty at some point in our lives but most of us may struggle to find someone that we feel comfortable with or trust to help us. Most of us have also grown up in an society and culture where sex isn’t openly discussed and where we may have received little to no education on sex and relationships. This can leave us feeling very alone and isolated with our feelings which can feel like a heavy burden to carry on our own. This can also have a big impact on our confidence, self esteem and sexual lives.

I provide a safe, compassionate space where we can discuss what is going on for you and work together to achieve good sexual health, happiness and sexual well being. My clinical expertise and knowledge also informs my practice both therapeutically and medically in our assessment.

I specialise in working with Compulsive Sexual Behaviour (formerly known as sex addiction) and working with individuals who may be struggling with problematic use of porn. I welcome partnerships/couples and individuals who are struggling with these behaviours. My approach is empathic, holistic, non-judgemental and non-moralistic. Have a look here at how we will work together.

I work with individuals and couples, Get in touch today to learn more about my services and how I might help you.

Deonne Wales, Sex and Relationship Therapist


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